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Hennessy Bleu. Formelly "Bedazzled."


Bentley. Now living with Debbie


Hi Barbara,
Thank you again!!! for baby boy Bentley. He is purrrrfect!!! He is so contented and sweet and lovable, just a bundle of love and joy! Just what this home needed.
 We all adore him! Thank you for making such a precious little guy. He is doing great. 
Thank you again!!!


Hi, I wanted to say that it was great meeting y'all today & the kitten is more perfect than I could have imagined!!!

You were right about everyone loving her who saw her!! She cried for a few minutes when we put her in the carrier, but then slept the rest of the flight.

She is the most socialized kitten I've ever seen!! I thought she'd be sleepy when we got home, out she was so excited to go exploring & play with everything she found!! She's an absolute doll!! 

 She's napped a few times & you were right about her loving to cuddle. We are both in love with her!!

07/14/15 From O'Brien

Hi! I just wanted to update yall on little Hennessy Bleu aka Niblet aka bunny feet...I could go on & on. This cat has the most amazing personality!!

She carries around her toys in her mouth like a puppy & loves playing in boxes & the plastic from a case of water.

 She has more bows than I ever had as a little girl. She doesn't wear them long before they become a toy!! I honestly can't imagine loving a child more than I love this baby.

 She has stolen our hearts & she is why I smile after a long day at work. As I type this she's playing with some unknown object in the hallway

(I hear a crinkle sound) & I better go see what she's gotten into! Anyway, we just wanted you to know how much this little angel means to us & we can't imagine life without her.

Thank you for what you do!


Snow Ball    01/25/2015

 Hi Barbara,

Just an update on our baby Snowball....he is WONDERFUL!  Vet visit for second shots this past Saturday and they all fell in love with him. 
 He is wonderfully healthy and weighs in at 3 pounds. We are thrilled with his mischief level and intelligence. 
 He is fast as greased lightning and requires a bell on him so we can locate him.....he slips into any room or closet that we go into where there is a door that is kept closed normally. 
About 3 times now we have been on a Snowball search.....tracing our steps.....LOL.  He has never been "lost" for more than 5 minutes!  

Date :6/23/2014 

As you can see from the attached photo, Snow and Ice are doing very well on their 3rd birthday!

Sherie still loves to dress them up!

Bob and Sherie Gellin
Maggie Mae. Now living with Debra Dowling.

 Thank you Barbara she is a wonderful baby as in O'Mally whom we were blessed enough to get from you also.

Thank you Debra Dowling


Dear Barbara,

Long time!  Today is Monk's birthday!  And I remember your telling us that he was born on Father's Day!  So here we are again, and I can hardly believe our baby is 11 years old!  He is still great, and our lives are so blessed by him.  Just thinking of you, because you are special without Monk!  That would never do.  He is very healthy, and I just wanted you to know....after 11 years..still thank you!

We hope you are well!  I have attached a picture of our baby, and he still looks great!  He loves to sit on top of the dryer of all places and look out the laundry room window!  He is a character!

Take care!

Mona, Bill and Monk



Hey its Celeste and Shannon. We are happy to report that Celeste and I am happier than we could imagine.  For the first few days, I fed Cee Cee baby chicken food with a baby syringe.

Now she is eating her wet/dry food on her own. I gave her a bath in some fluffy kitty grooming shampoo, which she loved. She laid in the water and purred the whole time.

She loves cuddling and can't seem to give me enough kisses. She follows me around everywhere and if I didn't know any better I would think she was a dog.

She loves to be brushed and sleeps in my arms like a baby. I love her so much. Thank you Barbara for my magnificent furbaby Celeste.

I will send you more updates soon. I hope you and the other kittens are doing well. God bless
Love Shannon and Celeste




Julianne meets Sary   May of 2011


Dear Barbara,

How are you? I hope you and Roger are wonderful!!!

Well, I can't believe it, but tomorrow will be a month that we've had our little doll!
Sary is growing so quickly, and she is just amazing in every way!.
When she isn't zooming around the house, she's busy playing with Julianna
or cuddling and kissing us. Gili, my Mom's cat, has even come around and there's some peace
in the house and even the occasional kiss among the kitties


by furrbcats on Jun 28, 2011
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04/01/2014      From Beth and Charlie 

   Hi Barbara,       I just have to tell you that I am the proud owner of the world's cutest kitten.  

 I am convinced that little Charlie is the most adorable.  (By the way, he's not so little anymore).  I am crazy about him.  He is 

sweet, loving, playful, a real purring machine and my best friend.  One of his favorite activities is watching the toilet flush.  He is just tall

enough to stand on his hind legs and peer over the edge of the bowl.  So cute!  I have spoiled him with so many toys but he's perfectly happy

just batting around a bottle cap and anything on the end of a fishing rod.  Please use me as a reference.  I will recommend your cattery to  

anyone who is looking for the perfect kitten.  Best wishes.                 Sincerely, Beth




10/21/2013 8:12:26 P.M. Eastern Standard Time



Barbara & Roger,

Wanted to THANK YOU for our fabulous new alarm clock.  :)  Attach, find a pic I snapped this morning.  We thought you?d like it!

I?m absolutely smitten by the little guy? He?s currently sleeping on my chest as I type this.  He?s been eating well and he?s acclimated to his new litterbox, too.  There?s been a lot of exploring of our apartment, some last minute ?cat proofing? we missed, and lots of chasing of toys.  Julia reports he was an absolutely fabulous traveler, too.

I?ll keep you posted periodically over the next few weeks ? and keep the pictures coming.  If you want to use them for anything, feel free!  Also, if there?s any place where we can write nice, positive reviews for you and your cattery, please let us know!

Emil and Julia
Now this is what I call "The Royal Treatment!" Geezzz, can I come back as your cat on my next life?  
 And the winner is....Drumroll....FAMOUS PUGSLEY in his Pilgrim outfit. LOL.
 November 2014

Greetings from a cold New York!

Julia and I wanted to share the attached picture of Pugsley.  We don?t normally play ?dress up? with him, but Julia found this costume and we kind of couldn?t resist.  :)  And strangely, he actually liked wearing the thing.  He?s turned in to quite the mush.  He?s got his schedule of play time, chase time, and running time ? but he?s really gotten so lovey and cuddly and snuggly.  And he loves being wrapped up in blankets.  :)  It?s really wonderful having him around.  He?s really healthy ? just had a clean check up.  Eating well.  Not over weight.  Really, just all systems go!
Emil and Julia 

 Claudio and Giovanna. Now Living with Anne

Dear Barbara,

The babies are so amazing, playful and loving! They groom each other!  The older female cat tolerates them, with no aggression. My children and their friends carry Claudio and Giovanna around, yet they scurry when put on the floor, to jump on my bed

I got the kibble you recommended and the soft food. They also love ham and turkey. They sleep with me and cuddle around my pillow. To say they are spoiled, doesn?t describe how we treat them. They have Christmas stockings filled with treats.

Giovanna remains fearless and is the leader. Claudio is my marshmallow that is a cuddle bug but also afraid until Giovanna lets him know that all will be ok. They are fabulous and I cannot thank you enough for raising my babies!

If you would like me to serve as a reference, it would be my honor. Your cattery is the best!

Warm regards, Anne

Sent: 12/10/2013 10:00:27 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

 Donna Check
12:23 AM on June 08, 2013  by

Hi Barbara. You still have the most BEAUTIFUL cats! Zeta and Michael are so awesome. 



Now Living with Susan, NY     06/07/2013
Sweet sweet boy you sent me. I slept with him on the sofa in the den.
He snuggled with me and was relaxed all night.
Eating well, playing and right now worn out making biscuits and dozing off on my lap.
 Much love here ; )
To all who have met my sweet new kitten:  Bentley will now and forever be known as Harley, due to all the purring he does. 
 His motor runs the minute he sees you, it's more apt for him ; ) =
I have had my cream point himalayan from furrbcats since early June, which makes him about 7 months old now, and he was shipped to me from Florida to New York beautifully groomed, and adjusted to my home very quickly, as well as to my  six year old black and white persian, and my shih tzu.  Harley is a character who makes my daughter and I laugh every day, and is a delightful addition to our lives.  He comes when we call him and is a love.  He loves to eat and we are still teaching him manners, as he would like to eat whatever we are eating ; )  I have had four persian/himalayan cats in my life over the course of 25 years, and I would recommend Barbara and her breeding program to anyone who would like a well bred, social, beautiful feline companion.
Very sincerely, Susan Rost

04/02/2013 Angelica, now living with Dylan in Las Vegas
Hi Barbara... Well last night we ended up staying up until 3:30 in the morning playing... She is so sweet...
 She didn't make one peep while we were driving...
 She is wonderful... She was laying on my feet while I was shaving and we have been playing all morning...
She lays on my feet while I am working on the computer and she already used the bathroom too!
 She is so sweet and I love it! I absolutely love her...
She let me wash her eyes and everything... I will keep you updated but I am so happy with her...

04/02/2013  Michael is now living with Brenda and Elizabeth in Ny, Ny
He is the sweetest most playful little guy on the planet! We are so in love!:):):)
Loves to play and purrs like crazy! Loves the lean beef and catnip! We are smiling ear to ear ! He is love!
March 5th, 2013   Kabooki (Boo) Now living with Lynn and Family in Venice, Florida.
Dear Barbara,
Hey! I thought you'd like an update on Boo. Did you realize, when you picked her out for me, that she was the cutest kitten in the world? Thank you SO much for you excellent matching system of kittens to people. She is PERFECT. She is so smart and cute and funny, I don't know how we managed without her. She met our dog this week (golden retriever - Hannah) and the two are already fast friends. They wrestle and play together, and when Boo is tired, she curls up next to the dog. They give each other bathes too. She has seen Astra and Kayla (our 7 year old Himalayan sisters) and they have touched noses through the crate, but so far, the sisters just give a little hiss and run away. Boo can't wait to be turned loose after them. That's next week'S ADVENTURE. Boo eat like a horse, plays with her favorite catnip mouse, climbs to the very top of the four and a half foot climbing carpet condo and at the very top, she chases her tail like she's showing off her climbing prowess. At night, she sleeps on my head on her own pillow. Her purr is so loud, we can hear her across the room. SHe attacks EVERYONE'S toes: peoples, dogs, etc. Our vet says she's perfectly conformed and a well-behaved patient. Her coloring is getting louder and she does pretty well with her baths and grooming, only squirming a little at the beginning. Then she resigns herself and settles in for the duration, purring the entire time. She has even charmed Richard, the first feline in a long time to do that! We all love her so much and are so grateful I stumbled across your website. How are her little brother and sisters doing? I would unhesitatingly recommend your cattery to anyone interested in a perfect pet. She is a true joy. Thank you! Lynn Biribauer =
January 25th, 2013
Hi Barbara,

This is LONG overdue update on BB (BEW). He is now almost 10 months old he is GLORIOUS! He is 16 pounds of sweetness, purr and beautiful type, topped off with heavenly blue eyes!

Can you tell we are totally in LOVE with this guy? Kudos to you and your breeding program; we think he is just the best. He is starting to "look" at the girls, so we are excited about the future.

Thank so much for trusting us with this fabulous boy!

Hope all is well with you and yours!

Terri Pestona
Columbus, OH


Great news for you !
Angelina is now CFA Champion and...
she made 3. Best Cat all Breed on saturday 12. December
in the ring of Melanie Morgan

I'm very proud of her ...


At the International Charleville-Mézières Show, in France on 10/29/11, BEST IN SHOW - kitten 3 to 6 month

Hi Barbara,

I have some graet news for you !!!
Angelina went to show in Charleville-Mézières, in France to an International catshow with 450 other cats on the list
She MADE her first BEST IN SHOW - kitten 3 to 6 month, with very good concurence ...
she was also selected for the special Whites, with all the differents races, with only one

other persian, there where only two persians selected and she made the 6 Place !!! she was the only baby on the ring !

she won such a big cup that I put her inside to bring her back on our cage ...
I will send you the pictures from the show as soon as I will get them... here are pictures I made by the photograph of the show !!!


THANK YOU BARBARA, FOR trusting me this wonderfull girl !
hugs ans kisses to you !



Yvonne Braunwalder




Hi Barbara,

Here are the show result of Angelina Jolie in Lingenfeld Germany : 25-26 february 2012

SHE made THE BEST IN SHOW kitten 6-10 month !!!

she's is still perfect !!! Overhaed, little ears, very big BLUE eyes, they are much deeper than last year, perfect Bite and so lovely nice caracter !!!
CONGRATULATIONS for this very good job that you did as breeder !!!

I wish you all the best !

HUGS from
Yvonne and Angelina


01/05/2013    Ace    

Hi Barbara, Just thought i would share a pic of Ace keeping me company while knitting...

he is a dreamy creature... hope all is well kind regards, Donna   


Hello Barbara~
He is a very, VERY, loving lil' man:D his snuggle & rubbing his face on yours! WE ADORE HIM!!
Thank You & your hard work you put into these wonderful babies!!! ;D
Hope you & your family have an amazing joyful Xmas & blessings in the new year!!!
Holly / family + Sammy "the baby"

Christmas of 2012, from Bob and Sherie, whom so kindly sends us one of their
Beautiful Christmas cards every year with the kitties photo.

As you can see from the attached, "your girls" are doing well and we are so lucky to have them.

Hope all is well with you.

Happy holidays!

Bob & Sherie
Mt. Pleasant, SC
 Cathy Gross
08:51 PM on May 31, 2012 by

I got a wonderful Tortie Point Himy from Barbara about 4 years ago.

 Pasha is absolutely one of the sweetest, most wonderful kitties I have ever had.

 She has never been sick one day..... a testament to great breeding and care.

 Pasha talks lots, loves to be carried around the house and hugged and is pure sweetness.

I highly recommend FurrB and Barbara if you're looking for a wonderful kittie.


Thor, now living with Tammy in Alabama  11/20/2012
Hi Barbara. I just love my baby! We named him Thor...LOL He is so sweet! He is already so spoiled it is terrible!
 He likes me to hand feed him but I know I can't do that everyday but he loves it when I give him one piece at a time.
He gets along with the other kitties great!
Thanks so much, we love him very much and he is very happy!
From Karen in NC
Hi Barbara:
Just wanted to let you know Sugar Baby is now over a year old and all growed up--but he is the love of my life---my baby.
He loves to sit on top of his tree and watch all that goes on outside the house. He is one of a kind. He is a kissing cat and the smart as a whip!
Karen Mancinelli    04/10/12
I call him Shugg

Hi Barbara,

It's Anabel, the college student that received a surprise white bundle of joy from her mom for her birthday.
I just wanted to send you over some pics of Lulu. She's gorgeous and the sweetest cat I've ever had.
She sleeps with me every night I love her.
I can't thank you enough for breeding such beautiful cats. Happy New year!


Anabel Miguelez   01/07/12

After my little buddy, Roosevelt, went to kittie heaven a few months ago, there was a huge void left behind; rightfully so,

as he had allowed me to live with him for nearly 15 years.
During that difficult time I began to search for another little friend to fill the emptiness; after hours of searching, I discovered Barbara...and Furrbcats.
She was different than the rest; she truly is passionate about what she does and knows quite possibly everything there is to know about Persians and Himalayans. 
More importantly, she simply loves her babies and does her best to ensure that every baby leaving her care goes to a loving home...or she frankly will not let them go!
With her caring guidance and patience, I was able to fill the void in my home with Churchill, a beautiful flamepoint, who now allows me to live with him, as did Roosevelt.
If you are looking for a new baby Persian or Himalayan, raised by a loving breeder with ethics and integrity, look no further!
West Palm Beach, Florida

September 26th, 2012
Hi Barbra! Just wanted to let you know how our little guy is doing!

 He is so loveable, and I'm pretty sure he thinks he is a baby!

He absolutely loves to be held. He is the absolute best gift I have ever gotten,

 I can not imagine my life with out him! Because of his color, and his big expressive eyes,

we have named him Boots.

Thank you so much for my furry bundle of love!




Shannon sent you a message.
Shannon DeyAugust 30, 2010 at 11:44am
Hey guys!!! The little guy is doing great - he's CRAZY and the cuddliest thing ever :)

We renamed him "Rocko" due to the fact that he likes to beat the daylights out of everything - lol.

Babette is actually doing great with him and has started to play with him constantly.

The only thing is I have to monitor him to make sure he eats - everything is SO exciting at all times that he forgets what he is doing.

He has been going to the studio every day and LOVES it. He eats up all the attention from the girls :)

Thanks for raising another wonderful kitty!!
 Shannon Dey
08:14 PM on September 30, 2011

My two babies that came from Furrbcats are the sweetest, healthiest most loveable creatures in the world. I couldn't ask for anything more! They are social, love people, travel the country with us and are pure JOY!!! Thank you for rasing such wonderful creatures!!!!! -Shannon




Hi Barbara,
Thought you?d like an update on our little Mango. He sleeps with me every night and ?pals around" with Beau during the time he or Beau are not resting.

If Mango is not in Beau?s line of vision, Beau goes through the house looking for him-calling in that high-pitched little meow which is indistinguishable from Mango?s

-they are ?best buds?! Beau only found his voice after hearing Mango?s voice.

I love him so-he?s such a delight! If all your babies are as sweet and loveable, then you should be so very busy you simply collapse at night!

His appetite is always good and sometimes "roots in" even when Beau is eating ( I leave out food at all times).

Thanks so much for raising a demonstrative as well as beautiful little guy!
Sylvia- Austin, TX
Thanks so much for raising a demonstrative as well as beautiful little guy!


Barbara and Roger,

Just wanted you to know how wonderful of a kitten Hermes is. He learned his name within one day

and comes to me when I call his name. He almost instantly purrs when I give him a hug.

He is a special cat and is the best 10th Wedding Anniversary gift I could have given my wife.

Although, we both do love him with open hearts. You can be assured he will be taken care of

with loving care the rest of his life.

Thanks again,

John, Julia and Hermes










Hi Barb!
Just wanted to give you an update on our little love bug.

 My two grandchildren stayed with us New Year's Eve and of course the new baby had to come!

 My son said it was like having a third child what with bringing her litter box, food, brush and toys.

We absolutely had a blast with her. She scampers up and down stairs, plays with balls and loves the children.

 She sleeps on my daughter in laws head and my son says she is so loved it is imposssible to measure.

 They all are crazy about her and she feels the same way about them.

 She follows the kids all through the house and chasses my grandson's cars and he has a good belly laugh.

She will be forever loved and I will forever cherish the goodness you brought into this family's life!

Thank you for our great little love, Lila!






Mandarin is the daughter of Compri A Thousand Splendid Suns and Furr-B Strawberry Fields.

Now living with Delphene in Canada.

Click to see Mandarin at a TICA show in Canada

Hello Barbara,I took this video of Manadarin getting
judged. I think you will LOVE it. notice how she originally thought Mandi
was a boy!!! and was even more impressed when she noticed she was a


Sasha, now living with Joanne in NY

She is such a sweet, calming kitty, it's exactly what I had hoped for.  You grow a great kitty! :)

August 22nd, 2011

Hi Barbara! Sasha (Wendy) is 2 years old today. She has been a TOTAL joy and is loved very much.

Everyone who meets her says she can't be a cat :) She is very sweet, loving, playful and LOVES her dog brothers;-)

She is the best cat I have ever known. Thanks for placing her with me, it's been a wonderful 2 years!

 Hope you and Roger and all the kitties are well!

Joanne Campagna

Christmas of 2012.  Sasha and "her" two boys:)

Thank You Joanne for this photo of "Queen Sasha" and her two Knights.


Frasier (on the left) and Cameo (on the right)

Hi Barbara,
My beautiful babies are turning a year old this Saturday and am enjoying each and every day with them. 

 I know how dedicated and hard you work to achieve this supreme quality in all your cats. 

 We so appreciate all your love and affection that has helped nuture them to be such beautiful,

loving and affectionate pets.  I still plan on getting another cat from you in the future!

Dianna and Family








 Hi Barb,

Just wanna let you know all is well here with new baby girl.  She is the most loving adorable kitty ever!  I love her! 
She sleeps with  us all night and gives lots of kisses.  I introduced her to her big sister Holly today and they are best friends already.














Hi Barbara,

We just want to thank you again for our beautiful black and white boy, Bandit.  He has settled right in, and it seems as if he has always been here.  He is so playful and confident, and has the best manners.  He is eating great, and has been using his litter box from the time we brought him home.  He also loves to purr and make biscuits, and even lets us rub his tummy when it is time for a nap.  He doesn't mind being combed, and having his eyes and face wiped.  He sits there patiently and lets us do this.  He fits in perfectly, and we couldn't have asked for a better little guy.  He is just precious.

Also, we want to thank you for everything you did to give us the opportunity to bring him home.  Your patience and understanding let us know that we were definitely choosing the right place to get our kitten from.  He was definitely meant to be ours.
Bandit is sitting right here beside me right now, on his little blue fleece baby blanket, just purring away and watching me type.
Again, we really appreciate the kindness that you and Roger extended to my children and me.  We will be back :)
Have a great weekend,
The Thomason Family 







July 29th, 2009

Hi Barbara,
I just thought I would give you an update on the baby since it has been a few weeks since I picked her up.  I know being a breeder myself that we try to spend time with the kittens as much as possible, but are often very busy and do not have time to always really get to know them.  I must say, this little girl is absolutely everything I was looking for in a kitty.  She has the most fabulous personality of any kitten I've ever purchased from anywhere!  I could not love her any more than I do.  She is smart, funny, loving, active, playful, well behaved, healthy, and just all around perfect.  She is my last purchase (I think I told you that) but if she were not, I have no doubt I would return to you for my next kitten.  She has been an absolute delight to have in our home.  Thank you for allowing her to come live with us.  We LOVE her!









Tula is now being "Pampered" with Laura in Maryland who named her


"Fortula", a Greek word meaning "A Gift from God"
Hi Barbara,
 She is just perfect exactly what I wanted. I can't thank you enough. I will take some pictures of her and send them this week. She is so friendly and "nothing" gets her upset. She is very cool!!! She likes everyone she meets and is very outgoing. She walks up to anybody and expects to be noticed (and she is)! She loves my Chihuahuas and they love her. They play all day long -- in between naps. I wish I was one of them. What a life!  As of today she is 4.2lbs. She eats like there is no tomorrow.
Tula's face is really looking grown-up like her father but, her mother's eyes. She is very funny and sleeps by my head. I hear her purring all night. :)
Thank You! Thank You!
                          Laura & Tula
Hi Barbara,    02/06/07

I've been wanting to send you a note for quite some time!
My "Wonderful Tula" is doing Great! She is an absolute doll. Her 1st Christmas and 1st Birthday went well. She loved the tree! We had a houseful of guests (14) from out of town!! She sat back and took them in for about 2 hours and then proceeded to charm them all. She loves to race around between feet. She is very fast for a little pushed-in-nose girl!
Her looks have changed she favors her father now,except she is wild!! I'm guessing like her mother. I love her so much and so does everyone she meets. My husband adores her. Not only her beauty but, its her personality that is the topper! She is without a doubt the best thing I could have done through our tough time with my husband deployed.
I really can not thank you enough for our wonderful angel! She is a gift for sure!
Thanks again,
Laura Garraton and TULA

Lucas and Fofinho Taking a Siesta

Lucas and I want to say:

Our new son "Fofinho" is the sweetest baby boy! 

Thanks Barbara and Roger for adding so much love

and warmth to our family and giving "Fofao" such a great

little brother!  You both have been absolutely wonderful to us

and treated us like family!  We look forward to keeping in touch!  

 Jenna & Lucas & Fofao & Fofinho




Hey Barbara! Today was Lilly's first vet visit and EVERYONE fell in love with her. They all kept saying that shes too cute to be real. :)

She kept sticking her paws through the metal holes in her cage door very gently to touch people, it was adorable.

 They said she has the best temperament of any cat they have seen. Shes so sweet and is super mellow and LOVES so be held and sit on your lap.

What an angel you sent to me! I just wanted to let you know that all is well . See the picture below... The two have become quite the duo.

They've learned there's lots of yummy treats in this big cold box. Lol

done it again.. We are all so happy. xo jenna

Hi Barbara!!
Today we are getting some vaccinations! The people at my vet are in LOVE.... They want to steal my babies.

The vet said everything about them is perfect, health, coats, personality. You have the best kitties. :)

Hope all is well

Ps: my new baby girl is even snugglier than her brother. She pits her paws on my face in the morning to wake me up amd never wants to leave my lap. I love her. Xoxox


     Michelle, Chris and Mooshu    05/11/07
Barbara and Roger,

As you can see, Mooshu is just beautiful. We’re having a blast with him – he hasn’t lost that playfulness. He still plays until he passes out (or until we do). We are so impressed with the quality of this cat. He isn’t afraid of anyone or anything and fit right in with our other two cats. I’m so happy we found him. He’s a doll, and as you can see from the last photo, he’s started a trend with our other cat, Miso, who’s found a favorite bowl in the house too.

 Thanks again,

Michelle & Chris

Lynne and Baby Grand
Hi Barb & Roger,
A very heartfelt note to say thank you so much for raising such a beautiful Baby.  He's doing fine, into everything, and is fearless!  He wants to be with me always, even napped on my flipflops (while I was wearing them) while I baked a cake yesterday!  I have had cats all my life, but have never ever had such an endearing little soul as Baby G. 
When I'm home and during the day, he's out and about with me.  I don't leave him alone with Chloe or Baylee yet, even though he does his little sideways crab walk up to them and they both run the other direction!!  And he sleeps in my office at night, which is a big room, which one wall is all glass onto an atrium, and the other side of the atrium is my dining room, so I can look from the dining room into the office to see what he's up to when he's been "put to bed"! 
He's gonna have a little bald spot on his forehead.  You and Roger gave him kisses on his forehead when we left Friday; I took him right to my vet's.  Both vet techs and my vet gave him a big kiss on his forehead.  I brought him home, called my 87 year-old neighbor, Nina, and brought him over to see her, and, yup, another big kiss on his forehead!  He is a much loved little boy! 
My vet, Diane Perry, said you breed beautiful kittens, and also remarked how clean he was when I brought him in. 
Thanks for putting up with me.  I know I can be a pest!  And also thank you for helping me with Baylee.  He's doing so much better.
Let me know if you're at any local cat shows, I'd love to see you! 
Much love,
Lynne and Baby Grand
Graham and Ellaine, from Florida
Letter from Elliot
mamma barbara
hello this is elliot. just wanted to let you know i am ok and i like my new home and mummy and daddy. i have lots of toys to play with and i am eating my food. i play fight with my daddy and i bite his fingers. he sometimes says ouch and bad words. he calls me his little monster. i have lots of new places to explore and i climb up everywhere. mummy and daddy took me to the doctor and i was brave. all the ladies there had to hold me and cuddle me but i did not bite them i only bite my daddy. mummy and daddy have taken lots of pictures of me so i have sent you one. i will come and visit you soon.
luv elliot



   Barbara, Randy and Mandi from Florida
Dear Barbara,


I have been so fortunate to have adopted beautiful and wonderful pets in the past, but, something was missing.  One lucky day, I found your website.  The babies and adults are all so beautiful and majestic; I fell in love with all of them.  Then our beautiful blue-eyed baby boy arrived.  His amazing parents, Pooh and Willy brought into this world our little dream boy.  Thank you so much for giving us the honor of adopting this wonderful baby.  We enjoyed our visits to your home that is full of gorgeous creatures and is full of love.  Darcy has brought so much happiness to our home, and I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your hospitality and your trust in us with this little puff of joy.  He loves his new home and we promise to continue to spoil him as you did.


Again many thanks,


Barbara, Randy and Mandi

                            Mr. Darcy


Dear Miss Barbara,

Thank you for letting us adopt Miley.  She is an awesome cat.  Whenever someone comes over they say they are going to take her home with them.  She lays on my dad's lap when he watches TV and lays at the top of my mom's pillow when we are sleeping.  My brother carries her over his shoulder and never leaves the house without a kiss goodbye.  My brother is a big kitty hog.  We all love her very much.
Bye from Faith     <><><><><><><>
Date:4/22/2007 8:50:16 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time