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Terms for our Pet kittens

I want to apologize in advance to all of the "Honest and Good people" that I have had the pleasure of knowing

thru the years and have given my kittens a loving forever home and to the new friends that I meet on a daily basis.

This is not intended to complicate the process of an adoption, but only to ensure that our kittens are being

placed in a loving pet home and not with some ruthless breeder pretending to be a caring pet owner.

 If you are a sincere ethical breeder or looking to become one, please feel free to contact me and provide us

with your information, including cattery name and website (if you have one) and location.  

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Unfortunately due to the increase of inquiries by dishonest unethical breeders posing as a pet clients, trying to acquire our kittens under

 false pretends for breeding and/or to resell, we will now randomly sterilize kittens that are sold as pets.

I am horrified to find thru my efforts and endless hours of research of emails and phone calls that I receive for pet adoptions,

 how many of these inquiries are coming from Back Yard Breeders, Puppy/ Kitten mills and Pet Brokers

 that are posing as  loving Pet clients from all over the country hiding behind a screen name.



We love and care what happens to our kittens and we will not place one of our babies with any of these unscrupulous individuals whom will so shamelessly stop at nothing

to steal our bloodlines and mistreat our babies, so they will lie and deceitfully pose as a pet client under assumed names hoping that I don't catch them, which I usually do,

 but it is taking more time than I care to waste on a daily basis when I need to be spending this precious time taking care of my family and cats.


So we will now require from all of our new clients at the time a kitten is reserved or sold, a copy of a picture identification along with our signed contract

 whether we are shipping the kitten or it is being picked up locally.


If you are inquiring about our kittens by email for the first time, please be courteous and provide me with your full name, telephone number and location.

For the local serious clients that wish to come view a kitten at my home, you will be required to provide me with your full name, full contact information

and a telephone numbers where I can reach you prior to making an appointment to come visit us at our home.

Thank you for understanding and your cooperation in helping us to ensure the safety of these Precious Angels and to do our best to make sure that they do not fall in the wrong hands.

We welcome all sincere inquiries and we hope that you enjoy your visit and feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have.



Barbara and Roger




Hi Barbara and Roger,

I am a pet owner of Persian cats for about 16 years. All are spayed and neutered and gotten from reputable breeders.
I always look at your site because your kittens are so beautiful.
I was so sorry to read the paragraph about people wanting to adopt your cats for purposes other than just loving them as pets.
 It is a shame that there are so many people in this world that would want to do harm to precious animals.

I just wanted to thank you both for carefully screening your prospective adopters.
These poor little animals are dependent upon us to make sure they aren't hurt or abused and to get them to homes
that will love them for their entire lives.

Again, I'm not a breeder, just an animal lover and pet owner,
and I applaud you for all you are doing to ensure your cats a safe and loving life.

Thank you again,
Nancy Catania

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