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Past Kittens 2

Hercules, now living with Kerry and Charlie Russo    

  Aurora remained with us                                            


Moony, now living with Bob                                                                             


  Max, now living with Bette                                                                                                   


 Little Man, now living with Melissa and Family


Breakfast at Tiffany's Remained with us                                                   


Claudius, now living with Megan       




Betty Boop has remained with us


Little Man  Living it up with Melissa and family     



Feebee now lives with Andrea

Above are Paige and Chilly Willy's babies


       Now Living with Tracy and Tony        

                                                                      Now living with Johanna

Zeta, now living with Donna and Walter   


                                       Lightning McQueen, Now living with Molly and Anna

Now living with Brandy and Laurie



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