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Furrbcats kittens from the past


Through the Years, all of these "Angels" whether they remained with us or went on to live in their new loving homes, have touched our hearts and have made a difference in our lives. They have taught us the true meaning of "Unconditional Love".  We have been trully blessed to have been able to share these amazing Angels with others, so they can bring them as much Love and Happiness and they have brought us.


Cupid and Babette are Litter mates    Photo taken at 5 wks old

MOONY, Now living at  BeauBarr cattery



Past Kittens



Cupid and Babette at 3 weeks old



Cupid is now living with Lyle in Washington State


Emily is now living with Marty, her new Dad in Virginia. Marty and                   

Emily were a Love at First Sight match

Aison  is now living with Jess and Jaison




This beautiful Copper Eyed Boy is now living with                                                         

John and Jill in Florida

   Millie is living with Wendy and family


                                Googlie is now living with Lyle in Seattle Washington

Lola now living with Christiane           

                            Bombon Now living with Dr.Wladimir in Miami Beach     


Furr-B's Simply Elegance    (Ellie)    Photo taken at 10 wks old 

Ellie was adopted by Jesse Binkley and his wife and now resides in Seattle Washington.

I'm sure she will Melt their Hearts as she did mine.

Now living with Elene in Portland


Furr-B's Hypnot-Eyes          (Sugar)      Photo taken at 12 wks old       

"Sugar"is Mesmer-Eyes and Simply Irresistible's  daughter and we                                        

nicknamed her Sugar for her Sweet Disposition.

She has "INCREDIBLE EYES" and Coat Factor. 


Pavlova is Hypnot-Eyes' daughter. she will remain with us

Chiqui on the right living with Hortencia in Florida

 Tula is now being "Pampered" with Laura in Maryland who named her "Fortula", a Greek word meaning "A Gift from God"

                                Living with Denise in Florida

                               Emilio is now living with Renata in Coral Gables FL

Furr-B's Caroline De Beaulieu


Caroline remained with us and is now producing Beautiful babies. 

"ELLIE" is Caroline's baby

Little Man

Mr. Darcy. Now living with Randy, Barbara and Mandy being                             

Spoiled and Pampered


    Mocha is now living in Chicago



CH Furr-B's Eyeza-Impressivea.k.a. "Amy"

Eyeza-Impressive "Amy" resides with us and will be a Great Asset to our Breeding Program

Amy at 7 months old. She has Phenomenal EYE COLOR !  She is a Carbon Copy

 of her Father CH Martinicki's Simply Impressive pictured below.

Ch Martinicki's Simply Impressive of Furr-B  at 4 months old

Furr-B's Clipper Frances Remained with us



       Pooh and Willy's white girl now living with Anne in Stuart FL

Poki has a wonderful  home with Linda and Tiara Bergy

who's company we enjoy so much when they bring Poki to visit.

 Bella is now being pampered with Jennifer and girls

Furr-B's Iris-tocrat

Iris is a Beautiful little girl whom I couldn't part with.                                     

She remained with us


                           Pucci is Iri's baby boy and now living with Darlene in Atlanta


Squeekie now residing with Emmett Kelly Jr. and Cherrie his daughter,

The World's Famous Clown





Smokey was adopted by Emmett Kelly, Jr. and my Dear Friend Cherry Ann Kelly and now resides in Tombstone Arizona


Monk was adopted by Mona and Bill Shestak. Amazingly, Bill has taught Monk how to play kitty frizbie!

What a wonderful shot!



Dreamy was adopted by Hortencia Pierce and resides in Lake Hamilton, Florida being spoiled and pampered!


Michael and Dreamy are litter mates. Michael was named after John Travolta's "Michael the Angel" character due to his "HUGE" appetite! He resides with

Donna and Walter Check in Mount Dora and he is Officially "The King of the House"  Thank You Donna and Walter for loving and caring for Michael as

much as you both do.