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As you may have noticed by frequently shopping at your local Grocery Store, that prices have "Sky Rocketed!" And so has the price of cat food.

Just in the last year alone, cat food prices for the brands that we feed and trust, which are grain free Holistic, have increased by another 30%.

Vet services and meds have "Doubled" in cost for the last 5 years and they keep going up. 

Specialty grooming products have also drastically gone up in pricing. Freight and gasoline prices are outrageous. 

It is very expensive and labor intense to properly raise these kittens and the money that you pay for one of our babies,

goes right back to continue providing our wonderful cats with the best care that they require in order to be healthy,

well groomed and happy.

This is a High Maintenance Breed with special needs.

If you have never owned a Persian or Himalayan, please visit our Breed Information Page.




Pet Quality and Show Quality Kittens

 All of our kittens are available to Qualified Pet homes with a neuter/spay contract. Included are current vaccinations for it's age and a USDA Certified Health Certificate.

 There will be an additional $100.00  fee for a Florida USDA Health Inspection Certificate including FVRCP vaccines, Rabies if kitten is over 12 weeks old,  FeLeuk/FIV blood test, fecal float and Anthelmintic (worming).

Our kittens are guaranteed to be Healthy, Sociable and "Pampered" when you take possession of them.

We do not post prices on the internet, please contact me for prices on a kitten/kittens that you may be interested in and please make sure that you include your name, location and contact information. 

We will then send you a pricing list on the kittens that are available   EMAIL ME


Pet Quality kittens: These kittens do not meet CFA SHOW STANDARDS 100%. These kittens are healthy, pedigreed and they are loved and raised the exact same way as a Show kitten. They are wonderful, lovable and well socialized just like our show kittens, but they will not do well in a Show Ring. These kittens are usually at the $550.00 to $1,000.00 depending on color, gender and over all quality.  Occasionally we may have kittens that are available for a lower adoption fee. Contact me privately for availability.

Show Quality kittens:  These kittens are healthy, pedigreed and expected to do well in show rings. They meet all the CFA Show Standards and have no apparent disqualifying faults to keep them from Championing if they are kept in show condition. There are no guarantees that a Show Quality Kitten/Cat will champion in one show as there are many factors involved such as grooming, diet, presentation and of course the competition at any given show. It may take one or more shows to champion this cat. These kittens usually start at $1,500.00 and up depending on color, gender and quality.

Top Show Quality: These kittens are healthy, pedigreed and expected to do "Very Well" in the show rings. They meet and "Exceed" CFA Show Standards and if kept in Top Show Condition they are expected to Champion and Beyond. Again, there are no guarantees as to how many shows it will take for this cat to Champion/Grand Champion and the many factors involved such as grooming, diet, overall care, presentation and the competition at any given show. Pricing will be determined on an individual basis, taking in consideration pedigrees, color and overall quality. These will be priced according to it's unique qualities.

Pricing for Show and Top Show kittens: These kittens are evaluated individually according to quality. "Show and Top Show kittens are far more "Superior" in cosmetic qualities than a Pet Quality kitten. These are beautifully genetically engineered living Works of Art. It is up to the individual buyer to decide what is best for his/her home environment and the quality he/she chooses. 

Some individuals believe that because they are not planning on showing a Show Quality Cat, that this entitles them to pay for Pet Quality Prices.

 Show Quality kittens are "Show Cats" and whether you decide to show them or not will not change the fact that they will be priced as a "Show Cat."

Our kittens are our babies and we want them placed in the best possible loving homes. We are not a Pet Shop and we care what happens to our babies once they leave us.

We will not place one of our kittens in an evironment that is not suitable and can jeopardize it's well being. These cats must be kept in doors and given the proper care and attention. If at "any time" we feel that a potential buyer is not suitable to provide a safe and loving home for one of our babies, we reserve the right to refuse to sell to such individual. 


To often we have inquiries from individuals that are asking for a "CHEAP BARGAIN KITTEN"  claiming that they can give it a good home and lots of love.

We expect you to love our kittens and to provide them with the same quality care that we gave them. Unfortunately, Love doesn't pay the bills.  With the expense involved in properly raising these wonderful kittens, we have to charge accordingly in order to continue to provide our cats and kittens with their needs and beyond.

Our Babies are raised in a Clean Home Environment with lots of TLC and are provided with the Best Quality Food, medical care and grooming.


We "DO NOT CUT CORNERS" when it comes to the Quality Care that our Babies receive.

It is NOT CHEAP and VERY LABOR INTENSE to properly raise these little Angels and maintain them in Top Conditions.

Please be aware that this is a HIGH MAINTENANCE BREED and must be properly fed and groomed, otherwise your kitten will not thrive and possibly encounter health problems due to lack of medical attention, an improper diet and/or poor grooming.

Our Babies are hand supplemented several times per day and night some times from the moment they are born

or by the time they're 3 weeks old with a home made kitten formula.

Our babies have the best possible start in life by providing them with the best care

to ensure that they are receiving the appropriate nutrition for their growing needs.

This also develops a loving trusting bond between them and us "Humans."

Our kittens are bathed and professionally groomed on a daily basis with specialty grooming products,

 to keep their skin and coats in top condition.

If your wish is to find a Well Socialized, Healthy, Well Cared for, Loving Kitten to Love and be part of your family,

then you have come to the right place.


But if you're looking for a Bargain kitty with no concern for  how it has been treated and raised, or if you have no intentions

of providing him/her with top quality care, THEN WE HAVE NOTHING FOR YOU.

We work with Top Quality Bloodlines and pedigrees and we expect nothing but the best care for these babies once they leave us,

for we have poured our hearts, souls and savings into raising them.





It's Weaning Time.


Occasionally we have Adults and/or kittens that are available for a lower adoption fee. Please visit our   ADOPTIONS PAGE





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