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James D Howard


            In loving memory to our dear Brother in Law, James (Jim) Howard,

                                     whom  we will terribly miss.

Jim was a Korea War Veteran and a proud Marine. He was a kind and loving husband to my sister Nelie and a big

brother to us.

This gentle, kind man was our motivator when times were tough, and he would always say to me:

"I'm right behind you Darling, just in case you need a push" This man gave us the strength and support to overcome hurdles in life that we

could not have done on our own.

Jim always said, that we have to accept and play the hand that God dealt  us until the end, no matter what.

This is how he lived his life.


Thank you Jim, for all the love and kindness that you gave us. For your encouragement, support, faith and for caring.

Until we meet again.

You will always be in our memories and hearts.