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GC The Gospel According to John


GC Compri The Gospel According to John   Cream Lynx Male


Pedigree of:

GC Compri The Gospel According To John

Cream Lynx Point Himalayan

Compri Preacher Man

Jetset's Cropduster

Flame Point Himalayan
3278-1391066 v0902
CH Jetset's Stand-By

3278-1277059 v0901
Purrpals Fire Ball of Jetset
CH Purrpals California Style
CH Blossomaire's Angelica of Purrpals
GC, RW Jetset's Memphis Belle
CH Teahs Jesse
GC, RW Jetset's Loop-D-Loop
GC Jetset's Out-Of-The Blue

3289-1256131 v0101
GC, RW Teahs Trimmed In Gold of Nile Lotus
GC Teahs Show-Stopper of Nebsager
GC, RW Teahs Winter Wonderland DM
DM: 2-6-1999
GC, RW Jetset's Wild Blue Yonder DM
DM: 2-23-2002
CH Teahs Jesse
CH Jetset's Bye-Bye
Kiikatz Mega G of Compri

Tortie Lynx Point Himalayan
3247-1395262 v0303
Katstuff Buzzline of Katstuff

3252-1276461 v0402
GC Kiikatz Oceanliner of Felival
GC Kiikatz Power Lines
GC Kiikatz Tuffer Stuff
PR Katstuff Fefe'sDoinTime of Kiikatz
GC Kiikatz Power Lines
Katstuff Zelda The Witch of Kiikatz
CH Wordsworth Voluptuous of Kiikatz

3293-1330009 v0402
CH Expurrts Sweet Talker of Wordsworth
GC Expurrts Red Baron
KTwo Twin Peaks Tara of Expurrts
CH Loralyn Clair De Lune of Wordsworth
GC Oakheaven's Anchors Away of Loralyn
CH Loralyn's Kissin' Kate

Compri Platinum Ice     

Blue Cream Lynx Point       

 sire: Jetset's Crop Duster

flame point
dam: CH Sandypaws Candy Bars of Compri