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Ripoff Report

The Truth about Ripoff Report, Complaints Board and other sites.



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Unfortunately we have a serious situation with a psychotic vicious individual whom is posting fabricated malicious lies

in several complaints blog websites about myself and several other reputable breeders.

When confronted to provide proof to the alleged complaint, he/she simply will not reply and will move on to find another complaint site to post

the same or similar false allegations under another assumed screen name.

This individual will never reply to a confrontation to provide her name and proof for her allegations.

Legitimate complaints filed with legal authorities require that the Plaintiff provides their full name,

contact information and factual evidence to prove that they have a legitimate complaint/case.

 Bogus annonymous claims do not get recognition.

We have legal counsel working on this matter and we are working to expose whom and where these malicious, libel, defamatory false statements are coming from. 

The internet is a wonderful tool, but it can also be the "Gates of Hell" for many honest and innocent people whom are being stalked and attacked by some mentally disturbed

psychopath,or sociopath or a competitor trying to destroy your reputation. In this case, it may even be someone whom I have refused to sell one of my kittens to.

We are "NEVER" going to please everyone, for the simple reason that our kittens are only available to loving qualified homes and those that we refuse

to place our babies with, will not be happy or kind towards us.




These alleged allegations simply have no merit and are totally false. No name is disclosed from the author, so we assume this is a false statement and on further inspection

 according to the Ripoff Report, Complaints Board and many other sister sites owned by the same people, no matter if the allegations are true or false, they  will not reveal the IP address

 of the anonymous author  and the post will not be taken down. We have to go thru the Arizona courts and attorneys and subpena those records for the IP addresses.

 However for a hefty fee of $2, 000.00, they will be more than happy to arbitrate the complaint without revealing the identity of the author. 

These are false malicious defamatory allegations sponsored by Complaints Board and Ed Magedson of Ripoff report, with the absence of proof, hard facts and the author's identity.

This Complaints Board and the Ripoff report's annonymous blog websites are nothing more than a playground for dangerous, unscrupulous, sociopaths or psychopaths individuals

which are given the opportunity to fabricate and post false allegations without merit and to remain anonymous.

The Ripoff Report Complaints Board will not even publish my rebutal, because I am exposing them to their dirty tactics of legal black mail and extortion.

I have been and continue to be contacted almost on a daily basis by companies that for several hundred dollars per month, they can guarantee that my name will not appear on the search engine that

these Complaints websites are posting. How these individuals that own these Complaint and Ripoff blog sites make a profit is by selling protection to the innocent companies and individuals that are being injustely attacked.

They pay and link your name to keywords such as Scam, Fraud, Ripoff, Selling Sick Cats with Google and then they turn around and contact you with their protection plan

Sounds like a very well organized crime operation where they legally can get away with "extortion" because they are protected by the first ammendment since they were not the author of the post. 

A true valid complaintant will provide their identity, a way to be contacted and be willing to provide hard facts and evidence to support their claims.

I challenge this individual to do so and to provide hard facts for these allegations.
This "WRONG IS WRONG" individual with many other screen names, who claims to be from Savannah Georgia, NY, Colorado and other locations.

 This individual is most likely a very scorned and jealous competitor whom is posting several annonymous defamatory, libel false statements trying

 to defame mine and other breeder's reputations. We are seeking legal counsel to remedy this matter.

 Not once has this individual claimed to have contacted me about the said cat that he/she claims to have purchased from me and to wait over a year to file a complaint of this magnitude

 without "ever" having contacted the seller is preposterous and absurd.


The Psychopathological Troll.

The psychopathological troll is motivated to participate in an internet forum by psychotic delusions

or compulsions, or by a neurotic seeking of false self-esteem. The postings of a

psychotic troll are unlikely to make any recognizable sense at all. On SOLO, the moderation of

first posters effectively eliminates truly psychotic trolls. The neurotic troll either seeks to obtain

false self -esteem by manipulating the reactions of others, or by demonstrating his/her "power" to destroy what

others enjoy. The neurotic troll is often manipulative enough to make it past the initial moderation.

However, on a Randian site such as SOLO, the neurotic troll's primacy of conciousness soon becomes

evident rather than respond substantively to the actual claims and arguments in the articles and posts

he/she attacks, the neurotic troll twists and spins whatever he responds to, into whatever he /she has

"the perfect answer' to. Then the original poster points out the manipulations and the neurotic troll is

EXPOSED. After two or three incidents of this type, the neurotic troll usually gives up and moves on.





This was posted by: Joann McCafferty on the Spam-Report. Again, no contact information

These allegations are totally false and malicious.


149 days ago by Joan McCafferty


How do you explain this one then? From the CFA website of the updated suspension list dated July 18, 2011 -

 Barbara Lafferty, Charlestown IN – suspension commencing February 3, 1996 until a fine of $5, 000 is paid in full.

You obviously have not straightened out whatever you did and are NOT in good standing with CFA.

 The CFA does not suspend lightly so you obviously did something terrible to earn a suspension and a $5, 000 fine.

 That high a fine is not usually placed unless you did something SERIOUS. Just because you moved to Palm Coast, FL doesn't change your past.



Dear Joan McCafferty.

The Barbara Lafferty that you are referring to was a CFA judge that was suspended. I can assure you that this person has nothing to do with me or my cattery and we are not related.

We just happen to have the same first and last name. My cattery and I, are and have always been in good standing and very active with CFA.

I just made a quick search on google for your name and I found several Joan McCafferty, with several different backgrounds, including obituaries.

Does this mean that you are one or all of these people?

Perhaps you should have contacted CFA to educate yourself on the facts before you go falsely accusing

 and defaming someone on a public blog of crimes they did not commit.

Best Wishes.

Barbara Lafferty



 Envy is one of the most potent causes of unhappiness. It is a universal aspect of human nature

because not only is the envious person rendered unhappy by his envy,

 but also wishes to inflict misfortune on others.

Author: Bertrand Russell  




 False Victimization Syndrome


In these very frustrating cases, the stalker may believe that he is the victim. Sometimes he even reports his victim to the police as having stalked him.

In these cases, the true stalker is usually the one who initiated contact, although this is not always so. In all cases, the stalker holds the victim in very high regard and will consciously or unconsciously imitate his victim's style, speech, dress, and habits. Some stalkers go so far as to buy a house with the same floor plan, trade in a car for a model like the victim's, or even make a career change to the victim's chosen profession. The stalker will rationalize his behavior by saying, "I can do it better". In reality, this kind of stalker suffers from a severe lack of self esteem. He/She feels very inferior to the victim whom he/she admires greatly, although he will rarely admit this to be true. These stalkers, believing themselves to be inferior to, or wronged or rejected by the ones they admire most, begin harassing and following the victims, spreading tales, keeping tabs, and in many instances plotting revenge. Very frequently these are same-sex stalkers.

In false victimization syndrome, the stalker is extremely manipulative. Very frequently he/she convinces himself and others that the victim is the one at fault, when in truth the victim frequently would have had no contact with or knowledge of the stalker if the stalker had not begun a campaign against him. Often the victim is reported to the authorities for defending himself from the stalker. You may hear from this stalker things like, "You are your own stalker" or, "You only know one side of the story." Frequently delusional and always irrational, when presented with the facts, this stalker will rationalize and manipulate everything he can and ignore even a direct question, in order to preserve his fantasy of being the victim. He will initiate conflicts and then twist them in his favor in an attempt to gain positive attention for himself. What he/she wants, in a nutshell, "to be like his victim" and when she feels that she does not measure up, her motive is to bring her victim down. Sometimes this means merely trying to ruin his victim's reputation by spreading lies and rumors. Other times, this means that the stalker will have no limits as to the type of harm it will try to inflict on you, including taking your life.




We have a situation with what seem to be a Psychotic, Dilusional individual whom happens to be a breeder.

We refuse to place any of our cats with this or any other unscrupulous individual for fear of their safety.

This individual is now Google searching other breeders whom I am working with and sending them very disturbing emails that clearly

 states that this individual appears to be sufferring from a  False Victimization Syndrome mental illness. 

 Her emails are dilusional, defamatory,even threatening towards my client and myself.

We have this individual's name, IP address and hard copies of her incriminating emais. We are gatherring information and evidence

 to possibly bring civil and criminal charges along with a formal complaint with CFA against this individual/s whom clearly have no

 concern for the consequences of her/their actions.

If you own one of my cats and you have received a disturbing dilusional and perceived as a threatening email,

 please contact your local authorities and myself immediately.

Thank You

Barbara Laffery



Having been working and breeding Persians and Himalayans for the last 15 years, I have met a countless amount of wonderful, responsible pet owners with whom I have had the pleasure to meet and my kittens have been placed with. On the down side, I have also encountered individuals that are not loving, responsible pet owners and others that are not mentally stable. I try to screen every one for signs and clues, but it's not always possible to see through some one that is a very good liar and a master at deceit.

Unfortunately, I have also in my opinon encountered a couple of cases of Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome. One case has been clearly verified by her vet and the other will not reveal her vet's name, for fear of being exposed.

These MBPS cases are with pets involved, these women will not only attack their vet's integrity when they cannot find a justifiable cause for the illnesses and condition, but they will also viciously attack the pet's breeder for in their opinion, is causing the pet's illnesses.

These women will stop at nothing to try to prove that they are the victims of incompetent veterinarians and ruthless breeders.

I am also dealing with a situation right now that in my perception is another case of  False Victimization Syndrome. I am receiving numerous insulting, degrating  threatening emails, claiming that her cat is very ill with numerous illnesses and conditions. These harrassing emails are irrational, delusional, threatening and demeaning. When asked to reveal her vet's name and contact information, she will totally ignore my requests and continue to send more raging emails with vulgar language, insults and threats.

This person has now posted complaints on the internet that are false, defamatory and insulting towards me. This is a clear case of Cyberstaking and Harrassment. I will not respond to her accusations  on those blogs, because this is what she feeds on.  Instead, we are gathering evidence and information to bring Harrassment and Cyberstalking charges against her .

“Harass” means to engage in a course of conduct directed at a specific person which causes substantial emotional distress to that person and serves no legitimate purpose.

“Cyberstalk” means to engage in a course of conduct to communicate, or to cause to be communicated, words, images, or language by or through the use of electronic mail or electronic communication, directed at a specific person, causing substantial emotional distress to that person and serving no legitimate purpose.
A person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows, harasses, or cyberstalks another person commits the offense of stalking, a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

On the flip side of the coin, I have also encountered situations with owners where the reverse of MBPS is the case. These owners will not seek medical attention for their pets. Often treatable illnesses and conditions are left untreated, resulting with complications due to the owner's neglegence to seek prompt medical attention for their pet. This is an unfortunate scenario for the pet victim. Some conditions if left untreated can escalate to a more serious illness and even death.

These pet owners will lie about medical attention that they claim that they have provided to their pets. When asked for medical documentation to confirm their claims, they will simply not answer, or provide any information about their vet/vets or ways to contact them. Usually, they will stop direct communication with the breeder and start bashing him/her with lies on the internet, mostly under an annonymous name and location.



I was doing some research, and came across some articles about this syndrome as it applies to people with pets. Just like some parents, some people can even CAUSE the illnessess in question.

This was condensed from more than one article:

I have seen a small number of pet owners exhibit a certain psychological behavior. This behavior follows the classic symptoms of Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome (MBPS). The only difference is that the syndrome I observe uses the family dog or cat as proxy.

Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome involves a primary caregiver or guardian exaggerating or fabricating the symptoms of an illness, the illness itself, or multiple illnesses in the person (or pet) they care for. MBPS is a factitious (artificially produced) form of mental illness associated with severe mental difficulties. A caregiver describes non-existent symptoms of an illness - in order to get sympathy for bearing the burden, praise for such devotion, or a deeper relationship with a doctor, veterinarian or other health care provider.

Typically, the person feels satisfied by gaining the attention and sympathy of doctors, nurses, and others who come into contact with  her and the pet. Some experts believe that it isn't just the attention that's gained from the "illness" of the pet that drives this behavior, but also the satisfaction in being able to deceive individuals that they consider to be more important and powerful than themselves.


How does someone with Munchausen syndrome by proxy act?

A person with MSBP towards their pets often:

  • Has some medical skills or experience.
  • Seems devoted to her pet.
  • Looks for sympathy and attention.
  • Tries too hard to become close and friendly with medical staff.
  • Needs to feel powerful and in control.
  • Will seek attention by posting lies on the internet.
  • Does not see her behavior as harmful.
  • Frequent change in veterinarians ( vet shopping)
show similarity to child proxy incidents. Common features include frequent requests for clinical review (up to four times in one day in one case), and frequent change of veterinarian (“veterinarian shopping”).
Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Described

In Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, a perpetrator assumes the sick role indirectly (i.e., by proxy) by feigning or producing illness in another person, or in this case, a pet. Usually, the perpetrator is an owner who produces the symptoms or illness in her pet. However, cases have been reported with adults as both perpetrators and victims. The syndrome is well known to veterinarians. In such cases, a pet's owner fabricates and/or causes signs and symptoms in the animal.

MSBP ranges from diseases that are completely imagined to diseases that are fully induced in the pet. The means by which MSBP owners most frequently fabricate diseases are induced seizures, bleeding, chronic poisoning with ipecac (leading to vomiting), chronic poisoning with laxatives (inducing diarrhea), toxic agents that can cause organ damage and allergic reactions.


Types of MSBP Perpetrators
Described three major types of MSBP perpetrators: Help Seekers, Active Inducers, and Doctor Addicts.

Help Seekers are owners who seek medical attention for their pets in order to communicate their own anxiety, exhaustion, depression, or frank inability to care for the pet.

Active Inducers induce illness in their pets by dramatic methods. These owners are anxious and depressed, and employ extreme degrees of denial, dissociation of affect, and paranoid projection. Secondary gain for these owners includes a controlling relationship with the treating physician and acknowledgment from medical staff as outstanding caretakers.

The Doctor Addicts are obsessed with obtaining medical treatment for nonexistent illnesses in their pets. The falsifications of Doctor Addicts consist of inaccurate reporting of history and symptoms. Such owners believe their pets are ill, refuse to accept medical evidence to the contrary, and then develop their own treatment for their pets. The pet owners are suspicious, antagonistic and paranoid. These owners tend also to be distrustful and angry. They often point the blame for their pet's illness towards the breeder and/or the veterinarian's incompetency to treat and cure the pet's illness.


                                                                                                                               Theories of MSBP

Many theories exist as to why a woman may fabricate illness in her child or pet. Common to most theories is a traumatic loss earlier in the mother's life; such a loss may be represented by maternal rejection and the lack of love and attention as an infant. It may also be representative of the "loss of a parent, loss of a parent's love through neglect or abusive treatment, or loss of self through childhood illness or traumatic disillusionment".

Help Seekers are thought to be making an uncomplicated cry for help. Unlike the more typical MSBP parent, who will shun therapy and refuse placement of her pet in a protective environment, these owners readily acquiesce to both measures.

Active Inducers and Doctor Addicts use the relationship with the doctor, in this case, the veterinarian, to attempt to repair earlier traumatic losses. These owners express rage engendered by the earlier loss by devaluing and deceiving the pet's breeder, veterinarians and medical staff in a game of false illness. By devaluing the veterinarian, these pet owners create for themselves protection, recognition, and security, all of which they violently crave. In other words, such owners use their "sick" pets to create a relationship, cemented by lying, with a veterinarian. However, it is this very relationship which provides them with nurture and "protects them from despair"

Often these MSBP sufferers will seek attention and sympathy by posting lies on the internet about their vets and/or the breeders when suspicion is raised. They will often claim that their previous vet killed their pet with inadequate care and treatment, or that the pet breeder is purposely breeding substandard quality, inbred sick animals. Their purpose is for others to view them as a dedicated, loving, care giving victim of someone else's wrong doing and to receive support and praise.


                                                                                                                                  Effects on the Pet

MSBP is not without grave danger to the pet victim. The impact is psychological and physiological, both short-term and long-term. The more acute consequences include physical harm induced by the pet owner or resulting from multiple medical tests and treatments.

Cases have been reported where pets developed destructive skeletal changes, limps, psychotic behavior, organ damage and failure, blindness, weight loss, compromised growth development and immune system , skin abnormalities such as dermatitis, hair loss, etc. The mortality rate is significant.

I have also encountered situations with owners where the reverse of MBPS is the case. These owners will not seek medical attention for their pets. Often treatable illnesses and conditions are left untreated, resulting with complications due to the owner's neglegence to seek prompt medical attention for their pet. This is an unfortunate scenario for the pet victim. Some conditions if left untreated can escalate to a more serious illness and even death.





We have another situation with an individual/s from Cameroon, Africa whom is posting hundreds of adds in the US and World Wide, using the FURRBCATS Cattery name.

This individual is not only using my cattery's identity, but is also stealing my kitten photos and posting them for sale with obviously no intentions of delivering said kitten after

they receive the funds. Unfortunately, there are many Scams like this one using USA breeder's names and cat/kitten photos to Scam the American public.

I personaly found over 40 adds in the  where this individual was using my identity and photos in over 40 different major US cities and several other adds in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The Penny Saver people were very co-operative and removed all adds placed by this individual in Africa. Geez, what's  next?

If you see a suspicious add in other than the cattery's own website, please beware of being Scamed by these unscrupulous thieves and contact the breeder directly thru

their website to report this activity. Legitimate adds will provide you with a website's URL and a Phone number where you can contact the breeder directly.

DO NOT BE FOOLED by dirt cheap prices and promises to deliver, you will be "ROBBED" and get "NOTHING!"These individuals will not provide you with a phone number or a website, only a bogus email address.

 CONTACT THE BREEDER DIRECTLY thru their website, or better yet, CALL THEM. If a breeder refuses to directly speak to you, it's a RED FLAG!!!!

Unfortunately there is not much that we can do to prevent this kind of criminal activities from happening coming foreign countries, but when we catch them, we can have their adds removed and blocked until they

re-group under a new email and IP address and they start all over again.


If you need any more information regarding these type of Scams, please contact me.

(386) 517-3509  ask for Barbara