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After over a decade of working with this Wonderful Breed and Pedigrees, we have developed and produced
several generations of Top Quality Persians, Himalayans, Blue Eyed Whites and now Pointed Exotics that
are now part of our Bloodlines.
Our cats are a genetic cocktail of the Best Pedigrees and Bloodlines from the Past and Present and
by selectively choosing cats with pedigrees and physical characteristics that will compliment and improve
our bloodlines, we have developed the Furr-B Cats of the future.
We give our deepest gratitute to all the Past and Present Breeders whom we have worked with thru the years,
whether directly or indirectly and many thanks to those whom have worked with our bloodlines
and shown our cats to "Perfection!"
Our Past and Present Bloodlines that we are working with are:
Compri, Sultan, Sunval, Alomi, Prancenpaws, Peaceful Paws, Hadkat, Sandypaws, Oakhaven, Brigantina, Kitty Charm, Tanglebox,
LilLuvlynn, CBGills, Inthewind, Haendel, Midas, Purrinlot, Candirand, Couronne, Laureden, Artemis, Boberan, Jetset,
Noblesa, Purrpals, Kiikats, Martiniki, Demiara, Myshadow, Le Chat Paws, Karabel, Devanchire and many other.