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White Blue Eyed Persians, Blue Eyed White Persian Cats, Himalayan Cats, Short Hair Exotics, Persian kittens, Himalayan kittens, Furrbcats

Persian and Himalayan Kittens for Sale






  (386) 517-3509 Barbara 


It is very difficult for me to text you back.

Emails and phone calls are Welcome.

We are very busy and sometimes I cannot answer the phone. 

Please leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

The best way to reach me is via   Email.



When inquiring about one of our kittens, please be courteous and provide us with Full Name and Location.

We reserve the right to refuse placement and/or cancel a sale for one of our kittens to individuals whom we feel that is not in

the kittens/cat best interest to reside with. All of our Pet kittens come with a spay/neuter contract.

All Reserve Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE  once the kitten has been taken off the sale market.

We do care what happens to our babies and their quality of life.

Persians are a High Maintenance Breed that require extensive grooming and high quality diet.

I will be more than glad to discuss any questions that you may have about our kittens.


 Colors and resolution may vary according to your Monitor settings and Video Card.  

If you want to keep your cat in top condition and healthy Please read this: DIET AND NUTRITION



Blue Point Himalayan Male SOLD  DOB: 05-21-17


Below: This Beautiful Little Flame Point Short Hair Exotic Boy is SOLD  DOB: 03-03-17  
For more information on Charlie contact Barbara  EMAIL

Below is Angelo with the Angel Face! This little Cream Point Exotic Short Hair Boy is SOLD
DOB: 03-03-17 For more information contact Barbara.  EMAIL

Reserving a Kitten


We do not hold kittens for anyone to think about it.

Chances are that there are others looking and desiring the same kitten

that are willing to commit and reserve it.

We will hold kittens for 24 hours once you commit to purchasing it.

A Reserve Deposit must be placed within this 24 hours time period

either by wire transfer or a tracking number for an overnight delivery.

The kitten will be offered to the next available client if we do not receive

Proof that the Funds have been sent.

Due to the increase of undercover buyers, we reserve the right to randomly spay and neuter

any kitten not purchased for an approved breeding program


 Our Babies are raised in a Home environment with lots of TLC and are provided with the Best Quality Food, medical care and grooming.

  We "DO NOT CUT CORNERS" when it comes to the Quality Care that our Babies receive.

  It is NOT CHEAP and VERY LABOR INTENSE to properly raise these little Angels and maintain them in Top Conditions.

 Please be aware that this is a HIGH MAINTENANCE BREED and must be properly fed and groomed, otherwise your kitten will not thrive

 and possibly encounter health problems due to an improper diet and/or poor grooming.

 Our Babies are hand supplemented several times per day and night some times from the moment they are born or by the time they're 3 weeks old

  with a home made kitten formula. Our babies have the best possible start in life by providing them with the best care

  to ensure that  they are receiving the appropriate nutrition for their growing needs.

 This also develops a loving trusting bond between them and us "Humans."

 Our kittens are  bathed and professionally groomed on a daily basis to keep their skin and coats in top condition. 

 If your wish is to find a Well Socialized, Healthy Loving Kitten to Love and be part of your family, then you have come to the right place.

But if you're looking for a Bargain kitty with no concern on how it has been treated and raised with no intentions of providing him/her

with top quality care, then we have nothing for you.

We work with Top Quality Bloodlines and pedigrees and we expect nothing but the best care for these babies once they leave us,

 for we have poured our hearts, souls and savings into raising them.